Why Doesn’t My Website Show?

Getting Started Your Website:

Why Doesn’t My Website Show?

Your Page is Currently Unavailable

You’ve created your pages, uploaded your files, put in your url in the address bar of your browser and your page is not there. You only see the default CrossWinds page or a 404 Error Page. What is wrong?


The most common reasons are location of uploaded files
and/or not having an index.htm(l) file.


  • You must have your files uploaded to your public_html folder. Check your files in cPanel/File Manager or in your FTP Program and make sure they are located there.
  • Your home/main page must be named index.html or index.htm. (Not named main.html nor home.html) These are spelling and case sensitive. )
  • If a link doesn’t work when clicked. – Sometimes while creating your pages on your computer within an editing program, file names and links are written as links within your computer files. Example : Your link could look like:
    <a href="file:///c:/MySiteFolder/mysecondpage.html">My Second Page</a>
     You should check the code and re-link it with the proper path as it relates to your file structure in your file manager. Example should look like: (Will depend on the path to your file)
     <a href="mysecondpage.html">My Second Page</a>
    *   Note: If you are using a WordPress Installation: You should just erase the link and re-link it from the WordPress Editor. Links in a WordPress installation are easier to get the proper path by doing them in the WordPress Editor. Saves you the trouble of figuring out the path.
  • If a link doesn’t work when clicked. – Check the spelling of file name to match the link name. Make sure that page is uploaded to the directory.
  • If an image doesn’t show. – Check the spelling of file name (also matching extension – jpg, gif, png) and that it is uploaded to the directory.
  • If you have just set up the domain, you may need to wait for the DNS (Domain Name System) to propagate.   (Short Explanation: Be included as live among the domain internet system. See Wikipedia Page on DNS.)