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Please direct your question to one person only, and allow that person time to reply before sending the same request to someone else. Remember: We have zero access to the Crosswinds servers. Crosswinds staff cannot troubleshoot or help with a WordPress password because it is an outside installation. The Cadre can help with many aspects of your crosswinds account, including WordPress and the issues you may have creating your website/blog.   :   Review our skills

Please note that this form is solely for questions related to your Crosswinds-hosted account.  
For account or server issues please log in to your CrossWinds Client Area  and submit a trouble ticket.

Click here for tips about requesting help.

Contact: Bee | Jim | llizard

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        Crosswinds Cadre Tips for Requesting Support


        Most of this is common sense and common courtesy. Please use the following guidelines to get fast, accurate support to your Crosswinds-related questions:

        • We can only help with something related to your Crosswinds-hosted account or website. If you have a website elsewhere, then please contact your own webhost with support questions.   We also cannot offer assistance with computer hardware, programs you have installed, merchandise or services you are selling. (Nor do we give romance advice. 😉 )
        • Please be courteous in your request.
          The Cadre are multi-skilled professionals who volunteer their support services for Crosswinds members. Some questions may require further investigation before an answer can be provided.  Your patience is appreciated, and will be rewarded with courteous replies.
        • There is no need to send the same request to all of us.
          Please direct your question to one person only, and wait for a reply. (Learn more about us.) We meet regularly to discuss support issues, and if the person you contacted can’t advise you, then someone else will reply, who can.
        • Help us to help you — explain the problem clearly.
          Don’t just say “it doesn’t work”. Paste any exact error messages you see, and tell us what steps you took which resulted in that error. If applicable, also include the address of the web page for which you need help.
        • We have no access to your password or financial information.
          For your account billings, payments, legal issues, or service issues please log in to your CrossWinds Client Area.
        • Check the Crosswinds Updates to see if there are any staff notes posted, which relate to your question.
        • Look on this website for possible solutions. We’ve created many tutorial pages to help with the basics of creating a website at Crosswinds. See the right sidebar for links.

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