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Crosswinds Cadre Privacy Policy

The Crosswinds Cadre (Bee, Jim, llizard) are dedicated to respecting your privacy. Because, of course, your privacy is very important.

Our website address is: https://www.crosswinds-cadre.net

Here at crosswinds-cadre.net, these are the fundamental principles that are followed by the Crosswinds Cadre:

  • You will never be asked for personal information unless it is required. (There is no possibility that you will ever be required to divulge things like your login details, crosswinds password, age, location, schooling, etc. etc.) The only time that you will be asked anything about you is if you fill in the contact form. There, you will only be required to state your name, email address, URL, and reason for asking for assistance. When you email us, we also collect your IP address. The personal data that is captured when you submit a contact form will be kept for the length of time required for customer service purposes. This information is used solely to address your issue and will never be submitted to anyone for marketing purposes.
  • Your personal information will never be shared with anyone, except to comply with the law, or protect our rights.
  • Your personal information is not stored unless it is required for the on-going operation of the crosswinds cadre site.

A security plugin is run on crosswinds-cadre.net. In order to establish and maintain security for all users, a firewall is deployed. It sits locally on the Crosswinds Cadre‘s server and scans all traffic against an ever-changing set of security rules.

The firewall sets cookies to detect users and determines whether they can access to secure areas. Please note that there is no reason for you to ever visit the administrative area here. Please see the WordFence Cookie Policy for further information.

The IP address of visitors and username of login attempts are conditionally logged to check for malicious activity and to protect the site from specific kinds of attacks. Examples of conditions when logging occurs include login attempts, log out requests, requests for suspicious URLs, changes to site content, and password updates. For further details, please see the WordFence Privacy Policy.

In the event of a visit breaking one of these rules, the firewall shares the IP address and other non-personal data with its developer, Defiant, so they can protect other people from malicious IP addresses. This data will usually be deleted after 90 days but it may need to be extended in some cases (if there is still malicious activity for that data in which case it is kept until no longer malicious.)

Defiant’s Privacy Shield application is currently pending, until then their compliance is accomplished by standard contractual clauses. We’ve also signed a data processing agreement with Defiant Inc. to form a legal basis for processing this data. For further information, please see the Defiant (Privacy Policy)

We take reasonable measures to prevent linking of information we receive from Google with any of your personally identifiable information. For more information regarding Google’s use of cookies and collection and use of information see the Google Privacy Policy. To opt out of Google Analytics, please visit the Google Analytics Opt-Out Page to learn about opting out and installing the appropriate browser add-on.
“Do Not Track” Settings. Because we track website usage information as described above, your selection of the “Do Not Track” option provided by your browser may not have any effect on our collection of certain information. The only way to completely “opt out” of the collection of information through cookies or other tracking technologies is to actively manage the settings on your browser to delete and disable cookies and other tracking/recording tools. However, getting a “Do Not Track” signal to work as you might want is difficult. Using browsers as an example, not all tracking technologies can be controlled by browsers; unique aspects of your browser might be recognizable even if you disable a tracking technology; not all settings will necessarily last or be effective; even if a setting is effective for one purpose, data still may be collected for another; and even if one website observes a “Do Not Track” signal, that website may not be able to control other websites.
-Wordfence Privacy Policy, 22 May 2018 (www.wordfence.com/privacy-policy/)

The webhost for crosswinds-cadre.net is crosswinds.net. While the Crosswinds Cadre do not collect any analytics data, crosswinds does collect some anonymous analytics data. Please see crosswinds’ privacy policy for further information.

– Bee | Jim | llizard: The Crosswinds Cadre