Our Privacy Policy

Crosswinds Cadre Privacy Policy

We are dedicated to respecting your privacy. Because, of course, your privacy is very important.

Here at crosswinds-cadre.net, these are the fundamental principles that are followed by the Crosswinds Cadre:

  • You will never be asked for personal information unless it is required. (There is no possibility that you will ever be required to divulge things like your login details, crosswinds password, age, location, schooling, etc. etc.) The only time that you will be asked anything about you is if you fill in the contact form. There, you will only be required to state your name, email address, URL, and reason for asking for assistance. When you email us, we also collect your IP address. The personal data that is captured when you submit a contact form will be kept for the length of time required for customer service purposes. This information is used solely to address your issue and will never be submitted to anyone for marketing purposes.
  • Your personal information will never be shared with anyone, except to comply with the law, or protect our rights.
  • Your personal information is not stored unless it is required for the on-going operation of the crosswinds cadre site.

For further information, please see crosswinds’ privacy policy.