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The CrossWinds Cadre
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We have a wide variety of skills and experiences with building websites. We can be contacted using our “Contact Us” form. Please send to someone who has listed expertise in the area you need help with.

Name Website Experienced With ¹ Applications Operating System
Bee cPanel, WordPress, HTML, Basic CSS, FTP, Image Editing, Troubleshooting HtmlPad, CoffeeCup, Paint Shop Pro 6 and 10, Photoshop Elements, WS_FTP, FileZilla, Thunderbird Windows
Jim cPanel, Basic HTML, FTP, Troubleshooting, File Backup Core FTP LE, Notepad, Textpattern Windows
Llizard cPanel, HTML, CSS, GIF Animations, JS and PHP Script-Editing, ASCII-Art, Transparency, Thumbnails, FTP, File Manager, English Grammar, WordPress Notepad, EditPad, PhotoShop5, LViewPro, IrfanView, Thunderbird, WS_FTP, Finale, WordPress Windows

¹ HTML = Hypertext Markup Language; CSS = Cascading Stylesheets; JS = Javascript; FTP = File Transfer Protocol; MySQL = Database Management System

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Contact: Bee | Jim | llizard